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I’ve come to a realization over the last few days.

Shopping for Christmas presents totally sucks when one has to do it by oneself and online.  Actually, I’m not sure which is worse: alone, but in a store, or online.

Most years, the Husband, and I go shopping together for Christmas presents, usually twice,  and get the majority of our shopping done.  Sure, we buy a few things online, if we can snag a great deal or if the thing just isn’t to be had anywhere close by, but, for the most part, we like to do our shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.  It’s fun.  It’s a night out (dare I say, a date?).  We enjoy ourselves, a little alone time (with the help of one of my many relatives who sits at home with our kids), and we maybe even get some coffee or a treat on the way home.  This year is not like most years.

This year, because of his job (which we are still thanking God for everyday; no really), we haven’t had much time to shop anywhere but online.  We’ve had to sneak in conversations in hushed tones when we think the kids aren’t listening to figure out what exactly should be purchased and for whom.  We’ve had to sneak in time on the computer when the kids were busy in the bedroom playing with their toys, praying that they didn’t sneak up on us with their ninja-like stealthiness and spoil the whole thing.

Yeah, online shopping is just not my thing.  God willing next year we’ll be in a better place financially.  God willing we’ll be able to go back to doing something as normal as a night or two of genuine Christmas shopping, the kind where you have to sneak back in the house with the packages, praying the kids stay asleep just long enough for you to hide them.  God willing, when we are able to get back to normal, we’ll remember to be thankful for something that, “normal” as it is, is being sorely missed right now.