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Our schedules are really weird right now.  The Husband has been going to sleep no later than 5 P. M. most nights so that he can wake up at around midnight to get to work before 1 A. M. to get home around 10 A. M. and hope to make it through the rest of the day.  Fun times.  As a result, some of our normal December activities have been, well, delayed; such as shopping for Christmas and St. Nicholas Day.  In fact, I literally looked at the clock when I left my kids’ bedroom (for the first time) last night and, when I realized it was almost 9, also realized for the first time that St. Nicholas would not, in fact, be bringing any gold coins (filled with chocolate, of course) if mommy did not haul ass out to the store quite soon.  So haul ass I did.

My  niece and I (after waiting until almost 10 to make sure all the little kidlets were soundly asleep) snuck off to the local Tarjay to buy some chocolately goodies for placing in our shoes (after we took them off and lined them up by the door, of course; otherwise, that would be just gross, and messy).  While there, we also decided that I simply must purchase a copy of Disney’s Prep and Landing.  I know, I know.  Not money I needed to spend right now, but actually, in a way, it kinda was.  You see, tomorrow is not a good day for me and I need it to be a good day for me and for the kids, and so I wanted something to look forward to.  I bought myself $14.99 worth of insurance.

Last year, on December 6th, the feast of St. Nicholas, patron of children, was the day we buried our little Gianna.  Ironic, I know, but there it is.  This is the first anniversary of that burial, and, just in case I start getting teary, I wanted to make sure that I had the joy of doing something fun, silly, and Christmassy to look forward to with my other children.  Watching Prep and Landing, one of our favorite Christmas cartoons, fit the bill.

And so, tomorrow, when they all wake up and run to the door, instead of just the usual chocolate coins, they’ll find this:


Notice how it’s resting on my shoes. Clearly, St. Nicholas knows how much I like this movie.


In response to prompt number 3 in this weeks edition of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Head on over and check out the awesomeness.

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