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So, even though I’ve already posted (twice) over on Truth and Charity about Advent (here and here), I am so not prepared for it.

Sure, our Advent wreath is out…still scattered about the living room (it’s a four part nativity scene that you can join together to form a ring), still holding the burned out stumps on purple and pink candles as they were the only holders I could find when Sandy hit.

A couple of Wise Men

A couple of Wise Men


I promise, we only had them turned away so as to get more light from the candles.

Sure, our Jesse Tree poster is hanging on the kids’ bedroom door…still completely empty.


Sure, we colored in all but about three of the “ornaments” (read: paper discs) so that we could start it tonight, for reals this time…but somehow it just hasn’t happened yet.


I haven’t even changed Prague into His purple vestments.  For shame.

Poor Prague...

Poor Prague…

I know, I know.  I’ve probably got as good an excuse for not getting these things done on time as anyone, but the thing is, I don’t want an excuse.  I actually want to do all the Advent things I blog about, read about on other blogs, see on Pinterest, and think would be the best of traditions to pass down to my kids.  It just seems right now that, despite my best planning (which, arguably, is being shown as not all that great), I can’t seem to get it together.

I was feeling a little defeated by the whole thing.  Until last night, after the Rosary.  My eldest had apparently been thinking about Advent too.  He spontaneously came out with this: “Transformers.”  When I asked what on earth he was talking about, he said he thinks he’ll give up playing with his Transformers toys for Advent.  I have to say, it melts my heart whenever I am blessed enough to witness the little seeds I have tried to plant in them start to blossom forth like this.  Even though I know it was all the Holy Spirit, I have to say it left me feeling a little less defeated, and a lot more ready to get up this morning and keep trying to get all these big plans past the planning stage finally.