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As I started to try to “catch up” on our schoolwork and my lesson planning today, it suddenly dawned on me: Thanksgiving is next week and, because of a family event on Monday (coupled with a doctors appointment) and the fact that I never make the kids do schoolwork on the days before and after Thanksgiving, our school week has been cut down to essentially one day.


But then, I remembered all the stuff I hadn’t done over the last few weeks that I have this ridiculous need to try to cram in before the baby gets here.  You see, a few weeks ago I had the absolutely brilliant idea to start potty training my two year old and then, this little storm hit, and we lost power for (only) a few days (thank God!).  And, even though I know that I can just start off wherever we are right now and move forward, I’m still plagued by that old demon that many of us homeschool moms face: keeping up.  None of us is quite sure with whom or why we are trying to keep up, but we are.  Obviously, a one day school week isn’t going to help with that.

Time to just give in and move on, and focus on the good stuff: Thanksgiving!

To that end, we’ll be putting away the books on Friday and not looking at them again until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  We still need to find something to fill our days with though, and that’s where arts and crafts come in.  My kids love to make stuff.  They love it.  The more cutting and glue involved, the better.  Have a time appropriate theme?  All the better.  If it takes time at the table with Mommy’s help, they are all in.

In addition to the standard turkey hands, here’s a few Thanksgiving themed craft gems I’ve gleaned from the interwebz, and made up into a Pinterest board.  Have fun browsing!

Click on the Turkey!!!