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So, a couple of days ago, I shared that I had been a pregnant skeleton for Halloween.  I figured today, I’d share how I made that costume.

Last year, I saw a picture over on Make It and Love It of a pregnant skeleton costume and I thought, “That’s hilarious. And pro-life.  I’m making it.”  Of course, as luck would have it, I didn’t quite have the time to make one then, so I figured I’d try some other time.  Well, this year ended up being that time.  With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us quickly, I gathered my supplies and got to work.

Since I did Pin this idea at some point, I decided this could definitely be a Pinned It/Made It post.

The Pin: Pregnant Skeleton costume
The Source: Make It and Love It
The Gist: Make a quick and cheap maternity Halloween costume
The Verdict: Totally awesome and fun to make

I got a ton of compliments on this shirt and even had several people ask where I bought it.  That’s always a compliment on a homemade anything.

You’ll need a black long sleeved tee shirt (mine wasn’t even maternity, just a larger size that I’d normally wear, from Walmart, for $6), some white fabric paint and a brush, and some freezer paper (again, Walmart, about $5 for a ginormous roll).

To make the shirt, I used a technique I had never heard of before reading about it on Make It and Love It: freezer paper stenciling.  Turns out, you can actually just trace on the matte side, cut it out, and iron it on to whatever fabric you’re using.

It makes a very nice seal around the edges, something you don’t always get with hard plastic stencils, and it stays in place.  The seal around the edges makes for crisp outlines, even on the tiniest of the holes.

I filled in the spaces with white fabric paint and left it to dry.  Make sure you use something like cardboard between the layers of the shirt so the paint doesn’t seep through.

This was when I was using what I thought at first was white glitter paint, but turned out to be just glitter paint. Oops.

Here’s the whole thing painted white.

Make sure to iron in place any inside pieces too.

After it’s all dry, simply peel the paper off.  It may get stuck in a place or two, but nothing that a little work won’t get unstuck.

Starting to peel it off

See the little bits and pieces there where it hasn’t quite peeled off nicely? I used my fingernail to get it all off.

When the paper is all off, you should have a shirt that looks like this:

Before I added the bow, which I pinned in place so that I can remove it and reuse the shirt for a future pregnancy 🙂

Love that this costume shows a baby skeleton, pointing out that there is in fact a little person in there.

Wear it, add a little bow or…oooh, just thought of this, a little tie for a boy baby, and bask in the glow of the oohs and aaahs you’ll be sure to receive as the best dressed pregnant skeleton around.