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God willing, by the time most of you (all 10, yes) read this, I’ll have been able to make it across the street and voted.  I’m thankful that I happen to live on the same block as my polling station.  We have power and legs that aren’t broken so there should be nothing to stop the Husband and I from casting our votes in one of if not the most important elections of our country’s history.

In case you were unaware, I’m not shy about sharing for whom I’m voting.  The Husband and I will both be voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  They’re as pro-life as we can hope for in a major election, which is to say not 100% but pretty damn close.  It’s the only issue I believe is really of import in this or any election.  After all, isn’t it both an American and a Christian ideal to protect those less fortunate and the vulnerable?  Who is more vulnerable than the pre-born child and therefore more deserving of our protection?

Today, we’ll be praying for our candidates to win, and tomorrow, we’ll be praying again, either in thanksgiving or further petition for God’s grace to get us through the next four years.  Either way, they’ll be plenty of prayers going up.  Whatever your beliefs, won’t you join us in praying for the best for our country?