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Yeah, I know it’s late, but for us here in Jersey, we’re celebrating Halloween today (we hope).  This is just another (and absolutely the one of the least importance) effect of the super storm Sandy.

We’ve already worn our costume a couple of times at this point, like on October 31st.  We had no power, no lights or heat or hot water, but by God we were going to have something.  I had been promising them for weeks that, come Halloween, I’d let them get dressed up after lunch.  So, after lunch, dressed we did get.  Here’s what they looked like:



The boys, in case you couldn’t guess, were Ninjas.  Thank goodness.  As you probably know, we’re a little strapped for cash.  They wanted to be a whole bunch of things, like Yoshi, and Mario, and things that seemed like they would cost a whole lot of money.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but those can be hard to meet when you only have a budget of whatever you can scrounge together after all the bills have been paid and whatnot.  So, we suggested ninjas, and they went for it.

Sword made by the Husband, costume by me, awesome ninja look by the boy himself 🙂

Pants: on hand
Shirt: $2.99
Fabric strips for ninja ties: $1.99, made from tee-shirts
Weapons: on hand and .99 cents for the scis (small ninja three-pronged sword word at belt)
Total cost for each outfit: $6.00

Times that by 3 boys and I only spent $18.00 for my boys costumes.  Not too bad.

For the girls, we had hand-me-downs and an amazing Scarlett O’Hara costume courtesy of Debbie, so their costumes were free.

“I do declare!”


Flap flap flap!

Five kids for under $20.  I’m awesome.  It’s OK.  You don’t have to say it.

For myself, because yes, I still like to dress up, even pregnant, and even in my 30s (shut up!), I decided to do a little thing I saw last year (BEFORE I joined Pinterest *gasp*) but didn’t have time for then.  I was a pregnant skeleton.  Yes, it was cute, thank you.

Preggers skeleton. I added a little pink bow to the baby 🙂

I’ll be posting how I made the costumes later, when I’m not quite so exhausted from Sandy stuff.  Stay tuned. 🙂