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Moms say all sorts of crazy things.   We all know this.  We’ve all said things like, “Put down the banana and step away from the toilet,” before.  Saying crazy, seemingly nonsensical things is just a normal part of the mom life.

Add to that being Catholic, and you get a whole new world of crazy sayings that seem to escape your mouth before you even know you’ve thought them.  Here’s my top 10 list of crazy things I’ve said as a Catholic mom:

Whatever you do, don’t drop Jesus.

Let’s practice receiving Communion.  The Necco Wafers are Jesus Body and the grape juice will be the Blood.

This, right here, this behavior.  It’s making Jesus cry.

It’s making Jesus’ Mommy cry too!

Get the crucifix out of your mouth!

Here baby, chew on mommy’s Scapular.  Mary doesn’t mind baby spit.

If you don’t stop your noise right now, mommy is going bop you over the head with this missalette.

No, you cannot fill up your water guns with the Holy water to chase after the bad angels.

The statue of the Blessed Mother is not an action figure!  Get her out of the Bat Cave!

Mommy should be able to leave a statue of the Blessed Mother on the table without worrying about her getting covered in ketchup!

So, what crazy things have you said to your kids?


In response to prompt number 4 in this weeks edition of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Head on over and check out the awesomeness.

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