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Yup.  It’s another post about me trying out things I’ve Pinned on Pinterest and it’s food related (again).  So, if you aren’t looking for one of the easiest, bestest, food tips for a busy family I’ve ever seen and tried, then just move on now.  There’s nothing for you to see here.

Except this:

This week’s Pinned It/Made It post is on the topic of breakfast foods.  Normally, in our home, the choices are few and rarely varied: cold cereal or oatmeal.  Much as we like things like pancakes and french toast, I just don’t have the time or the energy to make them on a weekday.  Even though Saturday is a little bit less hectic than Tuesday, say, I dread the idea of using my griddle and then having it sit there on my counter for the next few days because I just don’t feel like cleaning it up on the weekend.  So, day in and day out, we eat cereal, hot or cold.

Until I found this tip, that is.

The Pin: Oven Pancakes.
The Source: Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures
The Gist: An easier way to make a whole lotta pancakes all at once
The Verdict: The more pancakes, the better.  A complete Success.

You take your normal pancake batter, pour it into a greased jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with sides, and bake it up in the oven for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.  How simple.  How genius.  I had to try it.

Aside from the shape, these were just like regular old pancakes. So easy and so nummy nummy.

It was a huge success.  Instead of taking up the entire counter, and half the morning, making up set after set of pancakes, five at a time, I just popped it in the oven and walked away.  I made the coffee (something I can’t do while the griddle is on because the breakers in our apartment sucks).  I set the table.  I got the juice and milk ready.  I brushed my teeth and got into “real clothes” (you know, as opposed to my ratty PJs).

Before I knew it, the tray was done and out of the oven, and it looked and smelled delicious.

The kids and Husband assure me it tasted delicious too.  (Of course, our standard pancakes recipe includes some cinnamon and chocolate chips, so it’s kinda hard to NOT be delicious, but I digress.)

They were too busy eating to acknowledge the camera.

This Pin is totally worth trying, especially if you have a few kids or are having breakfast guests (wouldn’t you rather spend your time visiting than standing over a griddle, flipping flap jacks?).