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Do you just love Pinterest?  I do.  I have over 30 boards on my account, found here (username: janebabes).  If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, I have a question for you: is it hard to get wifi reception under your rock?  Basically, Pinterest.com is a web community that is built on users making or “curating” their own pin boards by filling them with web content that they find interesting. That’s it.  So, say I find a tutorial on something like how to make an easy Tinkerbell tutu.  Rather than bookmarking it and forgetting about it in a sea of other random bookmarks, I click my nifty little “Pin It” bookmarklet and add it to a board specifically created to house all of the costume (or dress up or girly, etc) pins I’ve collected.  Then, whenever I’m looking for ideas on that topic, I go to my Pinterest account, click on the right board, and peruse.  Easy peasy.

And did I mention addictive?  Much as I love it and useful as it is, that place is such a timesuck!  Similar to a Gremlin, don’t go on it after 10 PM, or you’ll never get to sleep that night.

So, when Mama Kat asked us to actually try something out from one of our pins, I decided to give it a go.  Here’s what happened:

The PIN: Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack
The Source: One Good Thing by Jillee
he Gist: Not real hard to comprehend.  You can make your own shapeable ice packs, similar to those neat little gel packs you can buy at the stores, but for way less money.  If this is true, it’s basically like mothering gold.  Much as we prefer the shapeable kind, they break too easily and so we end up handing our kids the hard brick things that are meant for coolers when their’s a boo boo that needs icing.
The Verdict: Do it.  Works well, cheap, and easy.

First, I gathered my supplies:

Rubbing Alcohol, a zipper closure plastic baggie (I went with the sandwich size ones I had on hand), and water.

Then, I reread the instructions just to be clear.  It’s 1 part alcohol to 3 parts waters.  Done.

I mixed them up, and poured them into the baggie.  This part was the only even slightly tricky part, as the bag didn’t want to stay open the entire time and had I not caught it at just the right moment, it would have spilled everywhere.  That’s more my problem than that of the pin.






Seal it up, stick it in the freezer, and wait.

Now, because it has alcohol in it, the thing won’t freeze hard and will always be able to mold to the shape of the injury.

Things to do while waiting for it to freeze:

Play on computer

Play with cute child

Ignore housework






Here it is, about six hours after I first put it in the freezer:

One of the only real problems I can see having with this would be from the zipper opening.  I think this could be prevented by making one of the nifty little cloth covers for them that can be found all over the web.  Also, one could spend the money on the “better” baggies and hope that does the trick.  I like the idea of leaving them uncovered because you can then add food coloring to them.  These things are so cheap and easy though that you could easily make one for every member of the family so there’s no more need for the bag of frozen peas when all five of your kids somehow manage to get boo boos at the same time (you know, because they’ve ALL tried jumping from the top bunk into the crib on the side of the room; not that this has happened, yet).

So, even though we’ve all heard of those nightmare Pins that wasted time and money (like the miracle floor cleaner that just leaves your floor greasy and gross), but this one really works.  Give it a go and let me know if you liked it.  I’m gonna go fill some more baggies with the magical gel stuff in preparation for tomorrow’s Lego War casualties playtime.


In response to prompt number 4 in this weeks edition of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Head on over and check out the awesomeness.

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