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Yes, that’s right.

The Husband has — a JOB!

Well, kinda sorta.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a job.  It’s a part-time job.  It’s a job that actually pays.  It’s something for which we’re so very thankful.  God has answered our prayers!

Here’s the thing though: we have realized that out prayers were simply not specific enough to get what we actually wanted.

We’ll be living on unemployment still, but we may see a slight increase in our monthly income as a result of having a job.  It won’t be much, but it may be just enough to help us squeak by for a few more months until something better happens.  There’s won’t be benefits, even for him, until he’s stayed with this company for a year, and there’s no chance of promotion until after the first of the year, but that’s OK.  Right now, the important thing to remember is — it’s a job.  Isn’t that what we’ve been asking for since last April?  Yes, it is.  Exactly.  Just so.  Again with the whole specificity needed thing.

It’s a job.  It’s a job.  It’s a job!  Yay!  The Husband goes out at 3:30 AM and gets home around 8:30 AM, right when we need him most (to help with school work and the like).   I feel so bad for the poor guy.  He’s exhausted, but he’s doing it.  We really need to keep praying.

This job has made me realize something though, although, I suppose realize is not the right word for it.  It has reminded me of what an awesome husband he is.  It has taken us over a year to get this job and even though it’s not what he’d prefer, it is honest work for honest pay.  And he’s doing it, happily.  I’ve never seen someone come home after five hours of sleep and then a morning shift with such a big smile on his face.  Work is good.  Work is good for a husband and a father, especially.  Work that brings in a paycheck is good for them.  Even if this isn’t the job of his dreams, he is working, everyday, earning a living, supporting his family, fulfilling his vocation, and valuable far beyond dollars and cents.

So, thank you St. Rita, St. Cajetan, Blessed Mother, little Gianna, Bernadette, Nicky, Xander, Teresa, Matthew, and Owen, and everyone up there who has helped us thus far.  Keep us in your prayers still because we still need them, and help us to always remember that a blessing doesn’t have to be what we thought we needed to be a blessing.

Oh, and everyone reading this, you keep praying for us too.  It’s prayers and God’s grace that has gotten us this far, and I’m sure it is what will lead us out of it.

And, in case you were wondering, our new, more specific intention is this: a new FULL-TIME job for the Husband, with full benefits for the family, and a salary that pays all of our bills and gets us off of unemployment.  THANK YOU!