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Did you ever just have one of those weeks?  You know the ones.  They drag on and on and at the same time you seem to run out of time to get everything done?

That was my week.  After a year and a half of no health insurance, our medicaid “coverage” was finally sorted out and it was time to take the kids, all five of them, to the pediatricians for check ups.  Such fun.  It took up basically the whole week, and this is only because the doctor was kind enough to see two at a time.  Baby Girl got to go all by herself, but that’s only because I knew she was over due for several shots.  When all was said and done, the poor thing got stuck six times.  She didn’t start screaming until the fourth stick either.  All told, the other four kiddies only got three more shots between them.  Thank God for small favors, right?

After a week like that, come Thursday night, I felt like it was Friday night because oh Dear God, there can’t be anything left to do can there?  Yes, this is turning in to yet another post on why I love homeschooling.  Sorry.  Today, instead of having to jump up and rush out the door when I’m exhausted, we get to take it slow, because it’s Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday).  You see, we try to keep our schooling to a four day week, with a lesson of math and maybe a spelling test scheduled for that fifth day.  When everything is done basically one on one, the work doesn’t take as long, and there’s basically no need for “busy work”.  Every lesson counts, and even if it takes longer than we’d like at times, it still doesn’t generally take as long as it would it 15 out of the 30 kids in the class were struggling and the other 15 excelling.  Homeschooling just makes sense to us and this is one of the many reasons it does.

So, as soon as this posts, I’ll be heading to the kitchen to have another cup of coffee.  And then, when I’m all awake and stuff, we’ll learn some math, take a spelling test, read a story, and be done ’til Monday.

Unless, of course, we decide to make some art.  If you even count playing with glitter glue and construction paper as schoolwork.