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Well I do.  You see folks, today is a very special day for my family.  On this day, 55 years ago, my parents were married.  From that union came forth what I think most would call a “large family”.  Between that wedding day and 1980 they had 16 of us kids, and to date, those 16 kids have produced 50 grandkids and four great-grandkids (with only a few not so great grandkids…haha, sorry guys, I couldn’t help that one).

So, Mom and Dad, I dedicate this blog to you today.  Your family and all of our antics provide much of the content anyway.

Because you were brave, bold enough to live your faith with every part of you, because you you passed that faith on to all of us by word and by deed, setting an example of perfect love for us to follow, we are here now.  We are a family full of people who love God, and our Church, and our Faith, and children.

Mom, you taught me how much happier life can be if you sing all the time and to remember that the vacuuming can wait, especially when there are babies to be played with.

Dad, you showed me that, if I do nothing else in any day, if I make it to Mass then I’m guaranteed to have done the best possible thing no matter what else happens, and that every baby is another reason for joy, regardless of the circumstances.

Because you understood the seriousness of the vows you made that day, your children have learned their meaning as well.

Because you accepted everything, big and small, good and bad, that God has sent you and allowed to happen, we are here, and I thank you for that.

Happy anniversary!  Love you.