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I swear, I have too much fun with this thing.


Those, up there, are the awesome chore charts I made the kids this week (based on the ones I saw over at SuttonGrace who got them from ModEcoKids.com using some tasks I found over at The Happy HouseWife).  They are double sided so I can flip them around between daily tasks and weekly or anytime tasks.  Love them so much right now.  When I’m feeling less cheap though I’ll fix the few “mistakes” I realized I made and reprint and relaminate them.

And then there’s this:

If you’re ever used Saxon Math for the lower grades (K-3 I think), then you know what this is.  For everyone else, here’s a little explanation.  Every lesson starts with what they call “the Meeting”.  Basically, it’s the part of the day where you work on learning about the calendar and time-telling, as well as how to write out amounts of money, counting up to 100 (by 1s, by 5s, by 10s, etc), following patterns and learning how to name patterns (AB, ABC, etc).  We also learn about shapes and colors.  It all depends on the grade level.  For grades 1, 2, and 3, there’s this thing called the meeting strip, upon which you write some of the information you study, such as the date, a time, a pattern, etc.  Done the way they want you to do it, it’s a big waste of money.  You write a few things on the paper and then throw it away.  I decided to do something different, you know, since I’m practically in love with my laminator.  I went to Staples and, instead of making 33 copies of the four part page and then cutting them all apart, I made on large copy of the one square and ran it through my magic machine.  Now, everyday, we can fill in our meeting information and then wipe it off when we’re done.  Problem solved.  Feeling of awesomeness being felt.  Bam.

So, if all of my gushing over the glories of the laminator have yet to cause you to run to the nearest store and buy one, I’m not sure what will.  I’m just going to keep extolling it’s virtues until I run out of things that can (and therefore should) be stuck in a laminating pouch and coated in clear plastic.  That is all.