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So I think the Ninja Monkey may be a little behind in his fine motor skills.  This doesn’t surprise me, as he also has what was explained to me not so much as weak muscles around his mouth as just “lazy” muscles.  I’d be willing to guess that there’s some connection between “laziness” in both areas of his body, so I’ve decided to start working under that assumption to try to improve his fine motor skills at home.

To that end, I’m going to begin searching for any and all craft and art projects I can find that incorporate the skills he needs to improve.  Here’s the thing though: something inside me hates the idea of wasting any of our time with “just” the skills, so I want everything we work on to have some other teaching purpose as well.  Specifically, I want to seriously up the Catholic factor so that, with every snip of the scissors and every sticker he sticks onto every page, he is at the same time improving his fine motor skills AND improving his knowledge and understanding of our Faith and Church.  Sounds like a plan, right?

So, if you know of any good websites, ideas, books, projects, etc that may be helpful, please let me know!   I’ll be posting on here as I find/try things because I know you’re all just dying to know how things turn out.  I’ll also be adding things to my Pinterest board, Fine Motor Skills, as I go.  Here’s hoping this turns out well.  If not, I have a feeling it’ll mean a big old waste of glitter, glue, paper, and time; not things I like.