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I know this is going to be awkward, but I have some advice for you and I want you to listen, because it’s about to get real up in this blog.

I know you’re wondering what a blog is, but you know that online journal you keep?  Yeah, you’ll do that about four different ways before grownup us lands on WordPress here, and calls it an official “blog” (short for “weblog”).  Just stay with me.

You know how you aren’t really all that concerned with dating or having a boyfriend right now?  You keep that up, because in a few years, you’re going to meet someone and he’s going to change your life in an awesome way.  I promise, from all the heartache I’ve seen friends and loved ones go through over the years, it will be worth the wait, and you won’t lose a thing by not losing a thing, if you know what I mean.  You do not have to have your heart broken, your self-esteemed ripped to shreds, or your life turned upside down by a guy to know that you’re human.  There will be plenty of other things that will remind you of this fact every day.

Oh, and don’t worry about not remembering meeting him for the first time on that hiking retreat, because he doesn’t really care.  He’s just happy he gets to make memories with you every day for the rest of your lives.

So, stick with it.  Don’t be discouraged.  You are not weird for not pining away over the idea of a boyfriend nor for not being in love with love.  You are you, and that is what matters.  When he comes along, you’ll realize how perfect you are for each other and how dating anyone else, ever, would have been a phenomenal waste of time.  Until then, just keep doing your thing, living your life, and generally being awesome.  The thing some of those friends never understood was this: the man who will win your heart will want all of it, and not only will he not care that you don’t have a string of exes; he’ll be amazed that he’s the only one you ever deigned to look twice at, and he’ll do his best prove worthy of the gift you’ve given him.

Oh, and one more thing: cut your hair.  Seriously.  When you finally do, you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

That’s it for now.


31 Year Old Us

PS: Our kids are freaking adorable!

See? Totes cute.


In response to prompt number 1 in this weeks edition of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Head on over and check out the awesomeness.

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