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Just so we’re all clear here:

Today, we’re celebrating the Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother in to heaven.  It commemorates when Mary, the Mother of God was assumed or taken up into heaven by the power of the Father, not by her own.  It’s a Marian feast and is a Holy Day of Obligations, so if you’re Catholic, and you’re reading this, and you totes forgot, there’s probably still time to make a quick run to the local church for noon Mass.

See? The angels are carrying her up to heaven, body and soul. She was assumed.


The Feast of the Ascension is not the same thing.  You’d be surprised how many people confuse these two.  On Ascension Thursday we celebrate the day when the Risen Lord ascended into heaven by His own power.  That feast is traditionally celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday (although at this point some dioceses celebrate it the Sunday following the 40th day).  It is also a Holy Day of obligation (because we have to attend mass every Sunday regardless).

Here, Christ is ascending, all by Himself.

So, in short, if you haven’t gone yet, get off the computer and get to Mass!  Go say hi to you Mother.