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My toaster is gross.  It’s one of the many eyesores in my tiny, cluttered kitchen.  The things is covered in grease and grime because it happens to sit right next to the stove and behind the only space on the counter where I can fit the electric griddle we use at least once a week.  Of course, to use the griddle, one must spray it with cooking spray, and that then gets all over the toaster (and the Kitchen Aid, but that’s another post).

In an effort to make the thing less gross, I decided (in the middle of preparing for guests who were coming over for cake on Saturday…oh, hello, early nesting) to try a tip for removing grease one of my sister’s shared with me the week before.  Basically, you pour some olive oil onto a paper towel and rub the grease off, then wipe the oil off with a clean one.

It worked.

No, I mean it worked, like for reals.  See?

Josie Grossie. I know, I shouldn’t have let it get this gross but I promise, I tried to clean it. That little corner of white? That’s the part I cleaned before remembering to take a picture.

Olive Oil: Wonder Cleanser

Ta-Da! Isn’t that lovely? there’s still a little grime I need to work on, but I was doing this when I was supposed to be setting out cups and utensils, so you’ll let that slide, right?

Things I learned from this:

1) It MUST be olive oil.  No other household/cooking oil will work.  You’ll just end up with even grosser and greasier appliances.

2) Olive oil will only take care of the greasy grime, not everything else that may be on there.  As I said, my toast sits right next to my stove, so there is a healthy amount of spaghetti sauce and other stuff that gets splattered on its side.  The olive oil did not take care of that.

See? The spaghetti sauce is still there, but the grime is all gone.

All in all, a successful experiment if I do say so myself.  So, thanks Clara Bow.  I appreciate the tip. 🙂