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Got you on my miiiiiiiiiiiind!

Love that song.

Anyways, yeah it’s my wedding anniversary today.  Eight years.

A perfect eight years?  LOL

But, they have been eight years of living God’s plan for us and for that reason, I am truly happy to be celebrating this day with the Husband and our five kids, and so blessed to be expecting number six.

God doesn’t promise us a good time here on earth.  He promises us joy eternal if we are willing to follow Him.  For us, following Him has meant a lot of ups and downs, in our marriage, in our family life, in our employment and financial situations, in basically every aspect of our life together.  We know that we can make if through the downs though  because there will, eventually, be an up.  Thankfully, we haven’t had to wait for forever for those ups to happen, but even if we did, it would be worth it.

Happy anniversary, Husband.  You’re awesome.  And I love you.  Even when you make me crazy.  Thanks for helping me live out my vocation.