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Well, actually, about 56, but who’s counting?

Oh, wait, yeah.  We are.

Today, we checked in our last Summer Reading Challenge books and, counting in all the double points we got for reading on-theme and medal winning (Caldecott, Newbury) books, we ended up with 76 for each kid.

I personally think I deserve a medal now for my performance in the roles of Reader/Recorder for all 56 of those books, but I digress.

We learned a lot this summer, mainly that Mommy’s hands really hurt after a marathon session of writing reports on books.

Seriously though, we read about Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer, the first female astronomy professor at Harvard, who, even though she died in the 1940s, still holds the record for cataloging the most stars ever (something like 4000 of them).

We learned about the first man to orbit the earth, Yuri Gagarin, and his amazing flight in Vostok 1: First Human in Space (Countdown to Space).

We were amused at the antics of Sergio the penguin in Sergio Makes a Splash
and Sergio Saves the Game, and we laughed out loud at Skippyjon Jones when he got Lost in Spice and ended up in Mummy Trouble.

There were so many fun, funny, and interesting things in our books, we can’t wait until next summer to start again.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll make it to 100 books then.  Whatever happens, we’ll certainly have a great time reading and learning, and earning our stars.

Of course, we can’t finish up our Summer Reading Challenge posts without a big shout out to our favorite North End Branch librarians, Miss Heather and Miss Marilyn.  They were an invaluable resource and made our visits to the library so very pleasant.

I wasn’t kidding when I said before, our librarians just rock more than yours.

The Pirate Princess and the Superhero, with their stars

The Ninja Monkey and the Scientist, with their stars

The Ninja Monkey and the Scientist, with their stars