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So this afternoon, I got a text from my friend, asking, quote out of the blue, if my brother had “gone vigilante.”  Puzzled, I asked for an explanation. (Actually, I told her that I was so out of it I was still in my pajamas…it was one of those days.)  She directed my arron to the five o’clock news on NBC.  Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my brothers, acting the hero during an iPhone theft on the streets of Manhattan.  Amused as I was, I had to admit, it was pretty cool to see it.
By the by, he hadn’t “gone vigilante” at all.  It was actually just typical Brian. He did it not thinking he would he up on the nightly news (not to say he wouldn’t be happy about that added bonus). He just saw something unfair going on and needed to do something about it. He’s good like that.
You can watch it here.