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Apparently, Jesus reads my blog.

Just kidding, but seriously, someone using that name keeps attempting to comment on my recent Chick-fil-a post  Apparently it really annoys this person that I didn’t post his first comment.

The thing is, I did.

In an accident I published the same post twice last  night (it was late and I was publishing from my phone on the way home from south Jersey after a long and busy couple of days).  As a result, he commented first on the first copy I posted, and I published it and responded to it.  He then proceeded to comment again, only this time on the second copy of the post, angrily protesting that I was not being honest by only publishing the comments of people who agree with me and who are my family and friends (he has no idea that I don’t personally know some of the most frequent readers and commenters).  He said something about me only seeking validation of my own bigotry.  Yeah, because everyone who knows me thinks I’m a bigot.  I know that’s the first word that comes to mind when most people think of “Bridget”.

Oh well, just another day in the life of someone who’s opinions go against the grain of the mainstream liberal agenda and isn’t afraid of saying it, proudly so.

And “Jesus”, I’m not bothering to publish you second comment because it makes no sense and is only seeking to cause problems, not an open debate.  (Also, who said this personal blog was about open debate?  The whole, “Who do you stand with?”, thing was just rhetorical, but I guess that was lost on you.)

Also, another thing I can’t abide: cowards.  Why not use your real name and e-mail address when leaving a comment?  If you stand by what you’re saying, using a pseudonym that can only insult the author’s beliefs really doesn’t say to me that you are looking for any other than to, what was it you said?  “Validate your own bigotry?”  Yeah, that’s it.

That’s right, I support Chick-fil-a! (Me and the cow are good friends.)