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I was at Chick-fil-a today. Were you?
I don’t agree with the CEO of Starbucks and his stance on homosexual marriage, but I support his right to expressing his opinion because I believe in free speech. I choose to no longer support his company because of it, but I believe in his right and would fight to defend it  even though he is using it to express ideas antithetical to my own.
Apparently, though, if what one wishes to express goes against what the liberal mainstream believes, a person is labeled everything from”homophobe” to fear mongerer to bigot.
Something I cannot abide is hypocrisy.
So, today, I supported Chick-fil-a and its CEO, both because I do agree with the beliefs he expressed, but even if I didn’t, because I believe in his right to express them without fear of undue retribution.
Who do you stand with?