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Does it say something deep seated and psychologically significant about me that I’d only ever noticed the rabbit, until the Husband (a psychology major from college) pointed out the duck? Nah, right?

Seriously, have you ever read that book? It is hilarious. The kids and I were greatly amused from start to finish. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out (nice transition into my library topic, huh?).

Moving on with our summer reading challenge, we’ve actually gone to the library every Monday for the past five weeks, and as of right now, the kids are seriously working on collecting their stars (which are awarded for intervals of 5 – 10 books) and their prizes (which, small as they are, are remarkably good motivators).
Currently, I think the Scientist alone is at almost 40 books, because they count those special books twice (which, by the way it turns out Charlotte’s Web counts twice because Newbury and Caldecott Medal winners are special too). Most importantly, they are all enjoying most of the books and they are coming to realize that it’s OK to report that you didn’t like a book.
I think i’m the only one who comes out any worse for wear from the whole experience, as the constant taking down of their narration is really wearing on my wrists. Other than that, though, we are all having a grand old time with our summer reading.