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Carpal tunnel, as you may know if you’ve been reading, has seriously been interfering with my life in general and my blogging specifically for the last few months.  Lately though, it’s been so bad I can’t really hold my rosary beads while we pray at night with the kids.  Even using my fingers to count has become problematic b/c, thanks to pregnancy brain, without the beads in my hand as a reminder to count, I totally forget until we are several Hail Marys in and lose my place.

The problem has been solved though, and through one of the unlikeliest of ways.  I remembered that I had downloaded Laudate, a Catholic Android app, to my phone months ago and hardly touched it since, so I poked around my app menu until I found it.  Opening it up, on the main screen was listed “Rosary and Chaplets”.  There it was.  The Rosary, on my smart phone, and it was easy to use too.

Just tap the “bead” or the space between and it turns gray to let you know you’ve said that prayer.


With my hands going numb whenever I use my pincer grip for more than three seconds or so, I’m able to lay my phone flat on my lap and just tap each “bead” as I go along.  No more tingly hands.  No more forgetting to count.

It’s awesome.

And Catholic.

It’s Awetholic.

So, if you find yourself looking for an awesome, FREE, Catholic app for your Android, then look no further.  Laudate rocks my nerdy little Catholic socks.  Go on, you know you’re dying to give it a try.

PS – I got my version in the Google Play store.