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10K Hits!!! (Plus, I finally learned how to take a screenshot in Chrome, so I’m feeling pretty awesome right now.)

So, I know it’s nothing compared to Harvey Millican and his 1000 hits in one day, but it’s kind of a big deal hear at Le. Rheims.  Last night, I surpassed 10,000 hits since moving my blog to WordPress.  If I were to add in the hits from my previous location I would have hit this milestone maybe last month, but I’m only talking WordPress here, and here’s why.  Until I moved to WordPress, my daily states were pretty low.  I was in heaven if I made it to 20 in a day.  But since moving here, I’ve been averaging about 100.

So, thanks, WordPress, and my WordPress family, and thanks to all of my loyal readers.  I appreciate you taking a few minutes from your day to check in on my silliness.