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“Mommy!  My bwuther hit me!  Right here (points to head).”

“Oh, sweetie, that’s not good.  Let mommy kiss it.  Do you need ice?”

“No…I need a lollipop.”

“No, you don’t.  Do you know how I know you don’t? It’s 8 in the morning.”

“Yes, I’m do needs a lollipop.  Hims hurt me and I needs a lollipop.”

“No, you don’t, seriously.  Let me drink my coffee in peace, would you?”

“But mommy, hims hurt my stomach.  I needs a lollipop to make me better.”

“How exactly is this going to help your head feel better?”

At this point, she walked away for a few minutes, I think to contemplate how best to get herself the desired treat.

“Mommy, I need one because it’s yummy and yummy makes my head feel better.”


Yes, I was defeated by the logic of a three year old this morning.  I’m not proud, but I was able to finish my coffee in peace, so not a total loss.

In response to prompt number 2 in this weeks edition of Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop: “Write a post about an argument you recently had with someone in 15 lines or less”.

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