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So I was checking out Twitter, just being random, and I came noticed that “Ray Bradbury” was trending, and immediately my heart sank.  I figured there was only one real reason as to why his name would suddenly be on the top of everyone’s minds.  Turns out he passed away yesterday, at the age of 91.  Now, I know he was old and lived a long full life.  He was the definition of a self-made man, who, when he hadn’t the money for college, educated himself by making use of the public library.  Having nothing, he did what he knew how to do, and thank God he did.  He wrote some of the best known and, frankly, the best science fiction stories and novels ever put to paper.  Without him and his determination to keep writing the world be somehow less than it is, and the genre of science fiction would have suffered greatly.  He was a true genius, and I, for one, will miss his presence in the literary world.

Tonight, I plan on hunting down my copy of Fahrenheit 451 and reading it again.  Who am I kidding? I keep it on my book shelves in my living room so it’s there whenever I need a good kick in the pants as a writer and as a thinking human being and a believer that good writing is a powerful tool.  I’ll also watch it, as it’s streaming on Netflix right now.  I may even head out to the library and pick up a copy of “I Sing the Body Electric.”  If you’re not a fan of SciFi, maybe it’s because you’ve never read anything by Bradbury, and maybe now is as good a time as any to give it a try.  Trust me, this man’s writing is timeless and classic, the best of the genre, and you won’t be disappointed.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury.