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While stopped at a red light the other day, I started reading the back of the inspection sticker on my windshield.  Now, I don’t know too much about what other states do as far as inspections, but here in New Jersey, we get a white sticker with a brightly colored border and text slapped on the inside of the lower driver’s side corner of our windshields.  It’s pretty hard to miss as you’re sitting in the driver’s seat.  In fact, I’m guessing, from the amount of writing they put on the side that faces the driver, that’s exactly what the DMV wants.  It’s hard to not be a distracted driver when the DMV is providing  you with your own friendly mobile library.

Somehow, I find this thing distracting.

Here’s what we’re not supposed to be reading while we drive here in NJ:

Top: A reminder to make sure we follow that ridiculou “Wipers on? Lights on” rule.

Right side: “Be courteous behind the wheel”, you know, by not crashing because you’re too distracted reading this sticker.

Bottom: “Registration can be renewed online at http://www.njmvc.gov”, in case you simply must do so from your smart phone, while driving.

Left side: “Seat belts save lives. Buckle up.”  This on is terribly important because you will probably really need the help of a seat belt if you drive while reading this thing.

And of course, the all important center spot: “PUT THE PHONE DOWN!” Oh yes, of course.  God forbid the cell phone distract you…from reading this sticker.

I personally love the lime green of this year’s edition, as I find that really helps me focus…on the sticker of course.  Am I the only one who seriously questions the combined mental capacity of whatever group of government workers who designed this sticker?