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Or, Another Post about My Love of Hanson.  Feel free to ignore if you don’t understand or appreciate the awesomeness that is one of the best bands ever, hands down.

It’s official.  I am now, once again, a card carrying member of the Hanson fan club.  No, for reals.  See?

Official. Word.

I have an actual card and everything.

You know what this means?  Once again, the Husband IS the Best. Husband. Ever!

With this lovely card (which gets me all kinds of perks at the, you know, once every couple of years concert I get to attend if I’m lucky) also came the special Members Only EP, No Sleep for Banditos.  Listening to it, I am, as always, so happy to be a Hanson fan.  The five songs are moving and yet catchy, intense, and at the same time very free flowing.  It is interesting to note that each of the songs was written and recorded in one night, night being the key word here.  You see, each year, the boys like to challenge themselves for their fans when it comes to their members only songs.  This year, they decided to see what would happen if they wrote/sang/played/recorded only at night.  So, for five days in a row, they slept all day, and worked all night, and the result is impressive, and different.   Overall, the whole album is one of raw rock, with little time taken to “pretty it up”, and that, to the benefit of the whole project.

Oh Hanson, here’s hoping this little blog of mine gets just enough play to warrant a little hello from my favorite guys of music. 🙂  We all know that’s the real reason behind this blog, right?  To get just famous enough to get to meet Hanson?  Just checking.