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Last night, as we prayed our family Rosary at bed time (which was, by the by, about two hours too late because of the awesomely epic day the kids and I spent with my sister and her kids), I did something I don’t normally do. I stuck my tongue out.  At my husband.  Because he has the Luminous Mysteries memorized.  And I don’t.  Still.  Yes, I know.  Completely immature and un-Mommy-like of me, I know, and yet, there I sat, holding my Rosary book which I only ever use on Thursdays, while he [not at all smugly] rattled the mystery names off the top of his head.  So I stuck my tongue out at him. We both giggled like little kids, because he knows I’m only teasing, but honestly, it bothers me just a teensy tiny bit that I simply haven’t memorized them yet.  This was definitely a case of bad Mommy behavior.

Do you think maybe, just maybe, I can attribute it to my being exhausted after taking four of our kids to the park for a few hours, and then taking them all over to my sister’s for another couple of hours of running around her back yard?  No, neither do I, but I figured I’d at least give that excuse a shot.  Honestly, this was just me being the “sore loser” I can be, especially when the “competition” (you know, the one ever couple has over who can memorize the newish mysteries first; everyone has this, right?) is between me and the Husband.  Take for example our sports teams.  When my teams win, he’s not thrilled, but he’s not a sore loser either.  When his teams win, I wish I could say the same about my behavior.  No, instead of saying the obligatory, “Good game”, I sulk and whine.  I generally stick my tongue out then too.  I’m noticing a pattern.

Here’s hoping that saying the Rosary every night will possibly perhaps maybe cure me of these bad tendencies.  One can dream, right?