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So, thanks to all of the input and thoughtful discussion that my previous post produced, I’ve made a decision.  I’m not going to post the comment in question, and here’s why: the comment is not intended, in my view, to produce any real discussion, and was meant simply to encourage me and other Catholics to abandon the Tradition of the Rosary and what the person writing considered “Mary worship” that we are apparently known to practice.  The person who wrote the comment refers to him/herself as a former Catholic who has therefore already made up his/her mind as to the benefits of the Catholic faith and religion.  He/she is not interested in a discussion or an open debate, but in “debunking” the Rosary and the Catholic belief that Mary is worthy of our love and affection as our Mother in heaven.  Simply put, posting the comment would serve no purpose other than to mislead and misinform people who may not know any better about the actual teachings of the Catholic Church, and is therefore antithetical to the purpose of this blog.

I would like to thank everyone who joined in the discussion and helped me to reach this discussion with their thoughtful comments and genuine interest in my problem.  Whether I agreed with you or not, your thoughts were phrased in a most civil manner, with an air of respect for open debate and the opinions of others.   Thanks again, and thanks for reading!