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As I sat watching the primary returns last night, I was struck by just how blah I feel about Romney.  Last time around, I kinda liked him.  I wasn’t happy about Romney Care, or his flip foppyness, but still, I admit, I kinda liked him.  Then again, he was running against McCain, who I really don’t like (as a candidate, I mean; as a hero, I love him).   And then Sarah Palin got on board, and all of a sudden, I could get behind McCain, and it was bye-bye Romney, hello Sarah!

Fast forward to 2012.  I feel now about Romney the way I felt then about McCain.  He’s the “It’s My Turn” candidate.  Seriously.  Think about it.  He’s been around for a while now, he tried in 2008, and now he’s back with the attitude that he’s paid his dues and the nomination is his by rights.  What’s worse is the media, the networks and even Fox, had it all decided ages ago that Romney would be the nominee, and ignored other, better candidates, like Santorum and Gingrich.  They’ve done nothing but belittle the other candidates for months now, to the point that they’ve basically convinced many people to switch to the Romney camp because they didn’t want to “waste” their votes.  Not only them, but most of the Republican machine is behind Romney and have never wanted a fair fight in the primaries to let the people express who they want as the candidate.  It’s pretty much sickening.

You know who I could support?  Fully, whole-heartedly support?  Rick Santorum.  Even Newt Gingrich.  I love Rick’s honesty and his unabashed Catholicity.  He says what JFK refused to: that’s he’s a Catholic first and everything else second.  While we were still saying our “Rosary for Rick” every night, before he dropped out, my sons wanted to know why and we explained to them that Santorum would defend all the women and children from Obama and abortion.  My youngest son then asked a question I still think says a lot about Rick: “Is Rick Santorum a knight?” He said it with such innocence and absolute belief that I couldn’t help but smile.  When I told him no, he then asked, “Why not? He protects babies and ladies.  That’s what knights do, right Mom?” I couldn’t deny the truth in words.  A knight.  That’s the kind of candidate I could support.

Here’s the real point of this post: will I vote for Romney?  Absolutely.  Hands down.  If he’s the candidate, I’ll vote for him, simply because he’s pro-life (at least that what he’s claiming) and mainly because he’s not Obama (at least not exactly).  Will I be excited about it?  No.  I just can’t seem to get excited about him, at all, this time around.  I’ve realized more and more that there are so many better men out there to do the job.  So the best I can come up with is a rousing, “Romney 2012, I guess.”  Not such a ringing endorsement, now is it?