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Happy Easter!  He Is Risen!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Now, get back at that table and do your handwriting!

Yeah, that’s about the size of my week.  After our wonderful Easter vacation, which started kinda sorta at the beginning of Holy Week (as we lightened our load and only did math Monday through Thursday and then put the books away until yesterday), it was time to get started with our lessons once again.  Am I the only who has this hard a time forcing myself, not to mention the little ones ,back into the daily grind of getting up (and dressed) on time, eating (not just at the right times, but also anything but peeps and chocolate), and generally living a normal life?  I can’t be.  I refuse to believe it.  (I’m not quite sure who I’m arguing with here.  Just arguing.)

Yesterday morning, I got up, fully intending to have the kids at the table  9 AM on the dot and be done with schoolwork in time for annoying the hell out of that one woman at church noon Mass, giving me plenty of time to get some cleaning and errands done during the afternoon.  Ha!  Yeah.  While I was up around 8ish, I didn’t stroll into the kitchen until 9ish, only to remember then that I had never gotten the gallon storage bags for the Easter candy, and so I had a table full of baskets and treats and no where to work.  Yay me!  I got to work right away, but realized that putting away the candy wasn’t the only way I had been lax during vacation, and while the floor had been swept a few times, it hadn’t had the normal amount of cleaning.  There were dishes everywhere, too.  All told, it took me an hour to straighten up enough for us to have a cleanish work space.

So, 10 AM.  10 AM is close enough to 9 AM for me after a week of no AM work at all.  At 10 AM the cattle rustling began.  I think it only took about five tries to get the Scientist into his seat and starting his work.  That’s not bad considering it usually takes at least three when we aren’t just getting back from vacation.  We even managed to finish our Saxon lesson in just one hour (that is HUGE for us), and finished everything else up not too long after 1 PM.  It was slow going at first, but once we were sitting in our familiar seats, with our books, it seemed to go by faster than I would have expected.

Getting back into schoolwork (or real work for that matter) isn’t so bad once you commit to it.  It’s that first realization that, “Damn.  Easter’s still here, but vacation is over,” that’s a real bitch.  Once past that,  the schoolwork we have now is the same schoolwork we had before the break, only now, we at least have the end of the year to which we can begin looking forward!  Truly, Alleluia!

Btw, if you’re wondering where I put all the candy and baskets for the day, I call it Le. Rheims’ biggest walk-in icebox; i. e. my bedroom with the AC going:

My candy storage room...I mean bed room.