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Dear Sneering Woman,

I was surprised to see that you thought my children were poorly behaved at Mass.  We had no intention of disrupting your time in prayer.  Yes, they did make some noise, but not a lot.  There was some dancing and a little whining, but not much.  They are children, after all.  I know you apparently have only ever dealt with perfect, silent, well-behaved little angels, but I deal with real, live children.  Real children make noise sometimes.  I know this may come as a shock to you, but it’s actually how God made them.  As parents, there is only so much we can do to keep them quiet at Mass, and my husband and sister and I did a pretty good job of keeping the kids occupied and pacified yesterday.  Again, I’m not sure why you were so bothered by their not that loud, not at all naughty, fairly good behavior at noon Mass.

On a side note, perhaps you should speak with our pastor, our associate pastor, and our pastoral assistant about my “Too many, too much, too badly behaved” children.  Trust me when I say, they’ll agree with me, and may be able to help you overcome your aversion to children at Mass.  Fr. Sneakers LOVES them.

My sister likes to say that, “Jesus didn’t say, ‘Suffer the old hags to come unto Me.’  He said, ‘Suffer the little children to come unto Me.'”  Last I checked, that means we shouldn’t keep children away from Christ, in the presence of the Holy Eucharist, by keeping them home from Mass because their normal childlike behavior may disturb some who simply don’t get kids.  I think, as God made them this way, He’ll be understanding of my children and their noise.  What I don’t think He’ll be so understanding of is your apparent lack of charity where children are concerned.  So, I’m writing you this letter as a heads up.  If being around children at Mass annoys you, find another Mass.  We have no plans on being scared away from Jesus because you are rude and uncharitable.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bridget @ Le. Rheims
Mom to 5 here, and one in Heaven
Aunt to 45
All noisy at times, and still loved and welcomed by God and His priests.

PS- In case you forgot, Jesus said that “unless [we] turn and become like little children, [we] will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 18:3) I’m just saying.

The Children

The Horribly-Behaved, Terrible Noisy, Offending Children