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The Pirate Princess had her toenails painted for the first time the other day.  It was done as a bribe to entice her to let mommy go to the fabric store while the little ones stayed at an aunts house.  When she was asked what color she wanted, green or blue, she quickly responded exactly as she always responds in these situations: “Um, pink!”  Apparently, she got her wish because when I got back to the house, she proudly displayed her sparkly pink toes.  What’s better was the reaction the Husband got when he, in a voice of mock disapproval, asked her if she had something to show him.  She clearly missed the tone, because her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she practically ripped her shoes and socks from her feet, with a final “TA DA!” as she pointed her pink toes up to her daddy’s face, beaming with pride.  It was one of those priceless father-daughter moments, the ones that remind us why the one is firmly wrapped around the other’s finger.

"Ta DA!!!"

"Ta DA!!!"

Today, after shaking my hips around like a spaz for an hour or so, otherwise known as doing Zumba, I felt inspired myself.  I got out the several new things of nail polish I’ve picked up over the past year that I’ve yet to use and decided I was going to paint my toe nails too.  If you know me, you know I used to love, love, love painting my nails, fingers and toes, all manner of fun and interesting colors.  I had scented nail polish and glow in the dark nail polish and even black nail polish.  (By the by, I was doing the whole chic black toe nails thing year ago, trying hard to convince my mom that I wasn’t a goth, but I digress.)  In any given week, my nails would go from pink sparkles to (my favorite) electric blue to sea foam green to gunmetal gray to striped to spotted to polka dotted.  Let’s just agree that I enjoyed expressing myself through nail polish.

Then, the kids came.  I love my kids.  I totally understood going into this that certain things would need to change.  When my first son was born, I stopped painting my nails.  You see, I knew the cheap, $.99 stuff that I bought was probably not the safest thing to have inside a babies mouth, and as I knew that my fingers would be going into his mouth for various reasons, I just stopped.  I tried to keep up with my toe nails, but after a while, I stopped that too.  To be honest, the toe nail thing had way more to do with my just not caring enough about my appearance than about the baby (because I obviously never intended to stick my toes in anyone’s mouth).  I realized today that I was actually starting to feel better about the way I looked and felt and I wanted to do something fun just because it would look pretty.  So, fished out that new nail polish after the kids went down, and I painted.  I’m so happy I did, even if the warm weather isn’t here quite yet so no one else will really see them.  I’ll know my toes are navy blue and when I think of them, I’ll smile.  Sometimes, that’s all that matters, the little things.

My Blue Toes

Yes, that is the ceiling you see there. Shh. Don't judge.