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I played hooky yesterday.

Yesterday morning, after skipping dance class because the Superhero seems to have a cold, I lolled around in my PJs for a while took my time getting dressed, had some coffee, checked the computer, and then, I sprung my niece from jail school so she could play hooky too.  I guess since I’m the teacher here and since her mom gave us permission, it’s not technically hooky, but calling it that only added to the fun of the day.  There’s just something about skipping school that gives even the most mundane activities an air of excitement.

So, we played hooky, but we totally had an amazingly important reason for doing so: the Hunger Games.

The hungers Games Trilogy Logos

And may the odds be EVer in your favor!

Yes, that Hunger games; the one that is a movie based on the awesome book that was on best sellers lists everywhere for like a gazillion months and is now the start of a brand new teen obsession movie franchise.  Why not just go at night though?  I have my reasons, and here they are:

  1. I can’t stand crowds.  I have a serious issue with them.  If I can avoid them for any reason, I will.  Being as the movie made $20 million for the midnight showings alone opening night, I’m gonna guess there were crowds at most theaters showing it.  Reason enough for me to stay away.
  2. I have five kids.  Late night movies and I rarely mix at this point because it’s kinda hard to get a babysitter for dates that don’t start til midnight.
  3. I can barely keep my eyes open past midnight lately and the Husband…well, he’s usually asleep before 10.
  4. I’m 31.  My days of pulling all-nighters that don’t involve sick children are more or less over (at least until they’re all grown, and by then, I’m guessing I’ll be too tired to try).
  5. Have I mentioned I’m 31?  The Hunger Games is a highly anticipated movie geared primarily at teenagers and young 20-somethings.  When I was a teenager standing in line for the midnight showing of a big movie, I would inwardly groan when the “old folks” (you know, the 30-somethings, the people who should have been at home, asleep, so they could get up for work the next day?) showed up.  Now that I am the old woman, I really can’t bare the thought of being a hypocrite.  We all have our place, and mine is not there.
  6. Did I mention everything is more fun when you’re skipping school to do it?

So there you have it.  My top 6 reasons (yes, I know, that’s random) for going to a 12:45 PM showing of the Hunger Games yesterday.  How was it, you ask?  It was, on a scale of Prince Caspian bad to Lord of the Rings Trilogy good, about a Two Towers.  Not perfectly by the book, with some key parts changed or outright missing, but by no means the debacle it could have been (hence my scale of the Prince Caspian movie being the worst; that was so bad it killed the Narnia franchise).  I’d see Hunger Games again, maybe even at night, but I think I’ll more likely just read it againand wait for it to come on DVD or “the Netflix”.