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We’re in the third week of Lent.  For me, the time has done anything but fly.  In fact, it feels as if it’s taking forever.  I thought though that this would be a good time to do a quick check in about all those lovely plans I had at the outset.  I probably should wait until next week, but, oh what the heck?  Let’s get this party started!

Remember those giant Stations of the Cross I made right before Lent?  Yeah.  We’ve used them three times so far, every Friday.  We love them.  The kids enjoy seeing their work on display, and the Husband and I enjoy knowing that our kids are being exposed to a time honored Catholic tradition without having the hassle of keeping them quiet in church during the least opportune time of the day.  I’m even thinking of making each kiddie his or her own mini Stations, using holy card sized pictures, my laminator, and a metal ring.  Here’s hoping that makes it easy enough to use them more often.

Our Tree of Sorry project is also coming along nicely.  It was coming along nicer before the Baby Girl decide to take all the pretty flowers she could reach off and scatter them about the apartment.  While the apartment looks quiet floral, the cross is a little less covered than it had been.  The boys, the older two especially, have been extremely enthusiastic about it since day one.  They share crackers with the little ones, and want to put up a flower.  They pick up the dirty laundry, another flower.  They choose not to retaliate physically against a pestering Pirate Princess, yet another flower.  The cross, which I made to fit the bedroom door (only place I had to hang it) is more than half full.  Come to think of it, maybe it’s not such a bad idea that the Baby Girl decided to clear some space.

We had a great time wrapping the “A” Word, although it had the somewhat annoying side effect of the Pirate Princess wanting to sing nothing but the “A” Word for the next week.  Fun times.

The older boys each picked out something to give up, on their own, and I’m proud to say they’ve stuck to it pretty well.  I don’t think either has broken their sacrifices yet.  I always have an issue here.  What anyone gives up for Lent is totally up to that person, and I don’t even like talking about it.  And yet, to help them develop good Lenten habits, I feel I have to talk about it with them and know what they’ve “given up”.  Is that wrong?  I feel like I’m eavesdropping on their own conversations with God, and at the same time I know I need to be aware of what they’re taking from Lent.  The dilemmas of Catholic motherhood.

All in all, I think this Lent is going along swimmingly.  Here’s hoping we can keep it up throughout the next few weeks.