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In case you hadn’t heard, I’m exhausted.  Like ridiculously tired exhausted.  Like I just finished a Seton Hall Campus Ministry hiking retreat after having a bad cold for two weeks exhausted.

Over the past week, I’ve nursed sick children, moved a blog, and written an article (one that will be published soon, by someone other than me; yay!).  I’ve done loads and loads of laundry.  I’ve washed every dish I own at least three times, and every towel I own twice.   I’ve done Zumba.  I’ve wished my beautiful niece a happy fourth birthday, which she celebrated in heaven.  I’ve done barely two days of schoolwork.  And, I’ve only slept about half as much as I need (and I don’t need much, so that’s saying something).  Suffice it to say, I’m tired.

You know what, though?  It’s the best kind of tired there is.  It’s the tired that comes from work, from thinking and using your brain.  It’s the tired that comes from creating, from writing, from using the gifts God has given you to do what you were meant to do.  It’s the tired that comes from loving your family, even when they’re throwing up for six hours straight and you feel as if you couldn’t possibly empty one more bucket of throw-up.  It’s the tired that, in the end, doesn’t really keep you from enjoying this wonderful life God grants us, because it’s the tired that comes from using your energy to live out your vocation.

I’d rather be this kind of tired than any other kind there is (and there are plenty of ways to be tired, trust me).

What kind of tired are you?