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Out, out damn snake.

With homeschooling and library trips and teaching the Scientist how to read and knitting up some socks for the Superhero and starting up this blog again and making Stations of the Cross for my kids and Lent and Zumba and everything else I’ve been doing, I just haven’t had the time to prepare for it almost two weeks in advance in time for the Catholic Icing First Friday Linky.  Sad face.  To paraphrase Edina, “[Bridgie’s] doing the weepy thing.”  Seriously though, I just am not ready yet.  But, I will be.

Turns out, Pinterest is helping to save my Irish ass this year.  See, I’ve been making up boards left and right since I started on there a couple of months ago, and one of them is about St. Paddy’s Day.  Score!  It’s not my only resource, but I do find it so helpful.  So now, onto what we, as and Irish family, plan to do to celebrate the saint who started it all.

First, the Husband and I aren’t big drinkers, so your can forget about the green beer and stuff like that.  But, we do love to celebrate St. Pat’s with food.  Maybe it’s because it always falls inside of Lent and we see it as a respite from the fasting and the abstinence.  Maybe it’s just because we have so few delicious Irish dishes that we’ll take any excuse to make them.  I’m not sure, but I do know this.  St. Patrick’s Day in my family has always, without fail, been about three things: St. Patrick, food, and song.

I like to remind my kids why we’re celebrating, so to that end, we’ll spend time in the week leading up to it reading about St. Patrick.  Books will includeAround the Year: Once Upon a Time SaintsShamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs (one of our 27 library books), and possibly some poetry if we can find it.  And of course, I’m sure there will be something amazing to read on (the Infant of) Prague Blog.  We’ll definitely be doing a shamrock craft centered around the Trinity, and not around the good luck.  I mean,  it’s what Patrick used it for, right?  Possibly one that involves using heart shaped clover leaves to show God’s love for us in the form of the Triune God?  I’ll have to flesh that one out a bit, but it will happen. (Insert “The Other Guys” quote here.)  We’ll also be doing some rainbow crafts, but tying in our Connecting With History lessons and the significance of the rainbow as a symbol of the Covenant.  I love it when a craft comes together.

How cute is this?

For food, we like to do it up Green style.  (See that?  Green?  ‘Cause we’re the Greens and the color of the day is green? I just made my self hehe.)  The night before, because it’s a Friday in Lent, we’ll be having Nan’s awesome potato pancakes (courtesy of my husband’s amazing late grandmother).  On St. Patrick’s Day itself, the real fun will begin.  We’ll be making the grasshopper parfaits from over at Catholic Cuisine because to quote Donkey, “Who doesn’t like parfaits?”  We’ll also be enjoying some scones and spotted dick.  Yes I did just say that.  My mom and dad like the stuff with the raisins in it.  My husband and I prefer actual soda bread, sans raisin and most of the other stuff people add to it at this point.  Give us plain old soda bread and some good butter and we’re set.  Then there’s the corned beef.  That’s it.  We don’t like cabbage, and as none of it’s really Irish Irish, we’ll just take the parts we like.  Oh, and we’ll be mixing up a batch of fake out Shamrock Shakes (basic: vanilla ice cream, milk, peppermint syrup, and green food coloring; so simple the kids can help, bonus).  All in all, we’ll be so full we won’t notice the lack of goodies for the next week.

Apparently, I found this over at Jamie Jo’s blog

Now, onto the singing.  Ah, the singing.  It’s perhaps my favorite part of the day.  Day? What am I saying?  The week, or the month even.  We L O V E love singing in my family and if my kids take nothing else from this day, I want them to remember the songs (and the Triune God thing, but then the the songs).  The iPod is already loaded up with the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (am i the only one who cries every time she hears Roddy McCorley?  Every. Single. Time.). There’ll be some modern stuff too, like Dropkick Murphy’s and Flogging Molly, but the old stuff, the fighting songs and the love songs and the war songs and, yes, the drinking songs are my favorites, and the Clancy Brothers are my favorite when it comes to this.  I love the Irish Rover, The Wild Colonial Boy, The Minstrel Boy, The Fields of Athenry; all of it.  I’ll be starting it up at least a week in advance to get the kids into it.  They’re actually starting to sing along to songs lately (since Christmas).  As in, actually trying to learn the words and stuff.  I love it!  And I’m so going to take advantage of it.  God willing, by the end of the holiday, they’ll be singing the songs of Ireland instead of Jingle Bells for the thousandth time.

So, there you have it.  My quick and dirty rundown of our hoped for St. Patrick’s Day plans.  If you have any better ideas, I’d love to hear them!